World Refugee Day On Canvas

It was World Refugee Day yesterday, when advocacy groups, resettlement programs and survivors of displacement reflected on stories of survival and the challenges ahead for the over 15 million refugees still searching for home. At the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), staff members reflected on another huge number as well: 100 years of … Continue reading

World Refugee Day Events

A family of singers from Burundi, who arrived in the US via a refugee camp in Tanzania, performing at a World Refugee Day event. World Refugee Day is coming up on June 20th, and while you may pass it off as yet another random, made-up commemoration, you’ll be missing out if you do. It is … Continue reading

Who Chooses Our Neighbors?

Refugee Camp in Congo – by Julien Harneis Determining who gets to be resettled is a long process. Out of all of the world’s refugees, approximately 700,000+ are estimated to need resettlement. Out of those people, only about 10% can be resettled, which results in 1% of the world’s refugees resettling to third countries. But … Continue reading

A Departure from Nowhere

As a refugee, resettlement…revived my shattered hopes. It was a departure from nowhere and an opportunity to restore a normal life.** Imagine spending the day doing nothing. You have no food or water, no family. You want to go outside, but you might be attacked. You glance out the front of your tent. Nothing. Nothing … Continue reading

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