The Problem with Police Cars

I’ve been swamped with work lately and unable to write very much, but in the meantime a lot has been happening. The Kennedy Center is gearing up for the Page to Stage Festival – a big thing for us playwrights. Michael has started law school full-time, which also means PILPG, Law Review, and working for … Continue reading

Combatting Human Trafficking Through International Investigations

A lot of news (the good kind) has been coming out recently about rescue operations to help free victims of human trafficking. International Justice Mission (IJM) has had a particularly successful month. Most of these rescue operations come about after tireless investigations by unnamed heroes. International Investigations and How they Work International investigations happen a … Continue reading

Why Store Human Trafficking Numbers?

Okay yesterday’s post didn’t get exactly the response I was looking for. But after talking to a reader who will remain anonymous, but who is very hot and committed to me for life, I realized a few things need clarification. Namely, why load these numbers in your phone? You’ve never seen any signs of human … Continue reading

Three Numbers to Save a Life

Grab your iPhones, your Blackberries and, if you’re like me, your trusty old clunker from way back in ’05, because today’s post is a short, sweet, do-it-yourself project. Here are three numbers to add to your phone that can help stop human trafficking and save lives – even perhaps your own. 1) The National Human … Continue reading

Human Trafficking on Your Block

In case you aren’t aware of the 100,000-300,000 American children at risk of human sex trafficking in the United States, now you can be. NPR spoke on it late last week and gave a disturbing inside look at how it can happen: predators and pimps prey on at-risk youth, sometimes even by going to their … Continue reading

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