Olympia Then and Now

By Philippe Magnier (French, 1647-1715) Copy of the celebrated Uffizi Wrestlers, stored in the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence, Italy. Marble, 1684–1688. The statue was first installed in the park of Versailles, then transferred in 1689 to the park of Marly and in 1797 to the Tuileries Gardens. Part 1/11 of Olympia, by Leni Riefenstahl, documenting … Continue reading

Not a Touchdown Yet

It was really awesome to see how much press human trafficking got before the Super Bowl. It felt like everywhere I turned, from Facebook to local news, people were banding together and joining the cause. I know a number of folks down in Texas added the National Human Trafficking Hotline to their phones, and groups … Continue reading

Human Trafficking on Your Block

In case you aren’t aware of the 100,000-300,000 American children at risk of human sex trafficking in the United States, now you can be. NPR spoke on it late last week and gave a disturbing inside look at how it can happen: predators and pimps prey on at-risk youth, sometimes even by going to their … Continue reading

The Olympics and the Woman-Child

Amid the speedskating, downhill skiing and bobsledding, there is another Olympic race going on that gets less coverage: the race against puberty. She is the largest ticket-seller of the Olympics, the tiny woman-child. Dressed up and often sexualized, she twitches her hips and shows off her inner thighs to earn herself some gold or silver. Oh yeah, and … Continue reading

The Olympics and Free Speech

The Olympics were political in Berlin, in Helsinki, in Mexico City, Moscow and Los Angeles. They were political in Beijing. And they will be political in Vancouver. How could they be otherwise? For a few days, the entire world’s attention focuses on one city, one governing power, one culture. Why should it surprise us that an … Continue reading

The Olympics and the Homeless

When the Olympics come around, there is one group that shivers a little extra. Vancouver’s impoverished Downtown Eastside neighborhood represents that group this year. As usual, the Olympics mean a large-scale cleanup of the host city, and such cleanups always involve dealing with the homeless. In the weeks leading up to the Games, there have been … Continue reading

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