Thank Mom for Home

I got into forced migration because of my mother. Her commitment (obsession, almost, along with my dad) to giving me a stable home growing up caused me to feel deeply for people who do not have homes and are forced to wander. A lot of people I’ve met who work with refugees and trafficking victims … Continue reading


Marie Barone, from Everybody Loves Raymond Courtesy I was on a plane from Chicago to Philly when the girl next to me asked if Philadelphia is close to New Jersey. She was on her way to get married, she told me in broken English. She was from Southeast Asia. She was marrying a man … Continue reading

Mothers, Arise! Do the M.A.T.H.

Flint News reported yesterday on a woman named Lisa Brant, whose 16-year-old daughter was abducted five years ago from a friend’s home in Florida. She was drugged, raped, and about to be sold to a man in Texas. I presume she was found before that happened. Brant has started an organization called Mothers Against Trafficking … Continue reading

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