Summer Opportunities that Could Change Your Life

Whether you’re a beach bum, a hard worker, an activist or a pacifist, here are two ways your summer could become an even more meaningful one. Go to Haiti! Hope for the Children of Haiti Hope for the Children of Haiti (HFC) is looking for short-term teams to come to Haiti this summer and help … Continue reading

Acorns and the Marginalized

My dog loves eating acorns. But he also loves eating sticks and poop, so I’ve never given it much concern. Nor should I. Acorns are the stuff of life! For many centuries they have been a staple in Native-American diets, and with proper preparation, they can be a tasty and nutritional source of protein. Even … Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Vote for LiNK

Vote for LiNK today, and: Put it on Facebook for your friends to see by following the share on Facebook link on Pepsi’s site after you vote. Also, this video gives the story of one North Korean Refugee who found a new life  with LiNK’s help.

Antiques & the Marginalized & a Man Named Silas

Two days ago I posted about antiques and how they relate to memory and the marginalized. I believe that the discussion that followed is proof of the power of antiques, for better or worse, in preserving memory. Specifically I wrote about two men, named Andrew Chandler and Silas Chandler, who were pictured together on PBS’s … Continue reading

Spotlight on: Mia’s Children

Mia’s Children is an organization reaching out to marginalized youth in Bucharest, Romania. Since 1998, they have provided food, education, counseling, spiritual guidance and much more to over 75 children who have come through their doors, from infants to high school age.The children learn art, music, sports, and language to ensure that they are able … Continue reading

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