How to Promote Long-Term Choices In a Short-Term World

What happens when you’re a parent in the developing world who can only provide for the family if you take your kids out of school and have them work?  Not giving them an education will sacrifice their long-term potential, but sometimes short-term needs are just too urgent. Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) attempt to make that … Continue reading

What Constitutes a Human Right?

Too many emails come my way asking for money towards some human right. Don’t get me wrong: I love human rights. I believe that humans have rights, and that they are wonderful and worth protecting. I just don’t think that cable television counts. Here are some lesser-known human rights I’ve heard about lately: High-speed internet … Continue reading

A Practical Way to Combat Human Trafficking in Your Community

Heard about human trafficking from recent awareness campaigns? Want to do something about it, but don’t know where to start? Here’s an idea for churches, youth groups, civic organizations, and school clubs: create a training seminar. Due to recent outcries over domestic human trafficking, some companies and local governments now require employee classes on recognizing … Continue reading

Forced Migration and Organ Trafficking

Organ trafficking is the theft, via violence or coercion, of human organs in order to sell them or use them for transplant on the black market. The selling of organs in any way is illegal in every country but Iran, where the process is closely monitored. Urban myths abound about some man in Texas or … Continue reading

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