Desperation in Guantanamo Bay I really appreciated this NPR report and interview on the hunger strikes happening at Guantánamo Bay. Former inmate Omar Deghayes’ recollection of communicating through the walls reminded me of stories from the communist gulags. Listen in to learn more about what’s really going on there, and how the hunger strikes could be … Continue reading

Site Update

Last week, I made a pretty huge change to this website: I split it in two. Yes, this move will cause a number of broken links and frustrations for me in the short run, but I needed to cut my own arm off, Aron Ralston-style, and here’s what you need to know now that the … Continue reading


Hey everyone! I’m taking a break this week to focus on some other writing, !!AND!! I’m revamping the website a little to reflect said writing. I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great 4th of July weekend!

Law or Roof?

Polling lines and roofs, Iraq 2005 – public domain When asked about their greatest needs, internally displaced people (IDP) in Iraq list legal help above shelter, sanitation and education. Why? Why request a lawyer before a roof? In general, access to work, food, and shelter have been the most pressing concerns for Iraqi IDP’s since … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Vote for LiNK

Vote for LiNK today, and: Put it on Facebook for your friends to see by following the share on Facebook link on Pepsi’s site after you vote. Also, this video gives the story of one North Korean Refugee who found a new life  with LiNK’s help.

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