The Unreasonableness of Love

Late last week I received an e-mail from Voice of the Martyrs, an organization dedicated to helping Christians around the world who face religious persecution. The e-mail tells of a Christian lawyer in northwestern Pakistan who was defending another Christian in court against exorbitant interest rates. His name was Edwin Paul, and he had been … Continue reading

The Marginalized Families of Abu Salim Prison

Abu Salim Protest in DuPont Circle – Washington, DC 6/26/10 1996. A mother and her young daughter walk under a tough Libyan sun to the gate of Abu Salim Prison. They have come to see her son, the girl’s older brother, who was imprisoned a year earlier for speaking out against the regime of Muammar … Continue reading

A New Earthquake or a Fabulous Easter Gift?

Monsanto has announced that they will ship $4 million worth of seeds into earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The seed gift will include corn, cabbage, carrot, eggplant, melon, onion, tomato, spinach, and watermelon. The first 60 tons arrived in Haiti last week. When Haiti approved the donation back in April, Monsanto called it a “fabulous Easter gift.” But Haitians … Continue reading

Gift-Wrapped Goats and the Marginalized

As cookout season draws near, it is easy to forget about the billions of people who have no sustenance, no access to the many vitamins and minerals found naturally in meat. The children, the sick, the widowed and orphaned. But if eating red meat does cause you to think about such people, have no fear! … Continue reading

Quick update on VOH post

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest so far in this campaign! Unfortunately, some of the e-mails listed in the PDF file have not been going through. Just to make you aware, here are the problem addresses: Please update your records if you see fit. Thank you again!

Fitness Shoes and Factory Workers

“Thus saith the Lord: For three transgressions…I will not turn away the punishment thereof, because they sold the righteous for silver and the poor for a pair of shoes.” Amos 2:6 One of my favorite hobbies is long distance walking. When I think about buying a new pair of sports shoes, I think about the size … Continue reading

Chocolate Resources

This has been a great week, and I hope everyone has learned something, because I certainly have. Be sure to catch up on the comments for ideas and suggestions. If anyone sends me good resources, I’ll include them on the front page, even in later weeks. To make a few things clear, there are a … Continue reading

Chocolate Lent and Child Slaves

It was not my original intention to bring up a never-ending fast from slave chocolate as part of Lent. I actually forgot completely that it was Ash Wednesday when I was writing yesterday’s post until right before publishing it. But it is, perhaps, divine intervention that we are talking about chocolate this week of all … Continue reading

The Olympics and Free Speech

The Olympics were political in Berlin, in Helsinki, in Mexico City, Moscow and Los Angeles. They were political in Beijing. And they will be political in Vancouver. How could they be otherwise? For a few days, the entire world’s attention focuses on one city, one governing power, one culture. Why should it surprise us that an … Continue reading

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