Carefully Taught

In 1949, many critics demanded Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II remove the following song from their new Broadway musical South Pacific. These naysayers predicted the number would/should doom the production because it justified interracial marriage and offended the standards of decency commonly accepted in musical theater. Rodgers and Hammerstein fought boldly for it, claiming … Continue reading

A Brief for the Defense

I’m feeling melancholy today. I found out my childhood music teacher passed away this weekend, and even though I’d been preparing for it since her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s a few years ago, it still hit me hard. She encouraged me to make music, and through that she helped ease the pain of some difficult school … Continue reading

Samizdat: Underground Resistance Made Public

Samizdat means “self-published.” A Russian term, it refers to any underground publication banned during Communist rule in the USSR and Soviet bloc. It includes essays, books, art, poems – whether original or copied, it was all illegal. Yesterday I attended the opening of Samizdat: The Czech Art of Resistance 1968-1989 at the Embassy of the … Continue reading

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