Documenting Slave-Made Chocolate

It is frustrating to write about the cocoa industry and the slave trade. Besides the fact that it seems impossible to end the crime (people sure do love their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!), there is very little documentation to back up an abolitionist’s claims. I wish, and sometimes don’t wish, that there were more pictures … Continue reading

The Marginalized Families of Abu Salim Prison

Abu Salim Protest in DuPont Circle – Washington, DC 6/26/10 1996. A mother and her young daughter walk under a tough Libyan sun to the gate of Abu Salim Prison. They have come to see her son, the girl’s older brother, who was imprisoned a year earlier for speaking out against the regime of Muammar … Continue reading

Stars and World War II

In 1934, the most famous use of stars during WWII came into play. The Nazi Party began requiring that the Star of David, accompanied by the word “Juden,” mark all Jewish businesses in order to deter visitors. Then the star, or some version of it, became a badge for Jews to wear at all times. In concentration … Continue reading

The Olympics and Free Speech

The Olympics were political in Berlin, in Helsinki, in Mexico City, Moscow and Los Angeles. They were political in Beijing. And they will be political in Vancouver. How could they be otherwise? For a few days, the entire world’s attention focuses on one city, one governing power, one culture. Why should it surprise us that an … Continue reading

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