Faith-Based and Slave-Free

Many churches, temples and other faith-based organizations serve coffee, tea and cocoa to their attendants. Increasingly these groups want to see their consumer choices reflect a heart for justice and compassion, so many are turning to Fair Trade and other ethically grown products. Why the switch? Cocoa farms in West Africa grow most of the … Continue reading

Consumerism and the Marginalized

Yesterday a fellow blogger made it to WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” page with a post on Fairtrade and how it does very little good for the world except alleviate guilt. I first want to offer some publicity to the piece because it is a thought-provoking write-up about a controversial topic that we’ve recently discussed on this … Continue reading

Tea: Debt and Migration

Who knew that a regular job producing a commodity the entire world consumes could lead to so much insecurity? Many women across the globe pick tea leaves in an effort to feed their families and provide education to their children. Despite the rain-or-shine, labor-intensive duties and low pay, the job provides income and, in many … Continue reading

Wear Revolting Shoes

Lucy: Ricky, Fred, we are revolting! Ricky: Not any more than usual. “Pioneer Women”, I Love Lucy, Season 1 Ladies (and friends of ladies), if you like shoes but hate slavery, it is time to revolt! is preparing to launch its online boutique on August 1st. Brain-child of Ateba Crocker, a professor who as … Continue reading

From Sea to Shining [Don’t Drink That!]

This morning, many Americans are waking up to the dangers of murky water. In the inner city, it is not uncommon to see murky tap water, and boiling it ahead of time is the safest thing to do. But for the last three days, all Bostonians are getting a taste of that pre-boiled water. Because … Continue reading

Fitness Shoes and Factory Workers

“Thus saith the Lord: For three transgressions…I will not turn away the punishment thereof, because they sold the righteous for silver and the poor for a pair of shoes.” Amos 2:6 One of my favorite hobbies is long distance walking. When I think about buying a new pair of sports shoes, I think about the size … Continue reading

Chocolate Resources

This has been a great week, and I hope everyone has learned something, because I certainly have. Be sure to catch up on the comments for ideas and suggestions. If anyone sends me good resources, I’ll include them on the front page, even in later weeks. To make a few things clear, there are a … Continue reading

Chocolate Lent and Child Slaves

It was not my original intention to bring up a never-ending fast from slave chocolate as part of Lent. I actually forgot completely that it was Ash Wednesday when I was writing yesterday’s post until right before publishing it. But it is, perhaps, divine intervention that we are talking about chocolate this week of all … Continue reading

Chocolate and Child Slavery

About ten years ago reports started to surface alleging that West African cocoa production was tainted with child slavery. Well, it’s no longer an allegation. It is now considered fact throughout the industry. Over 15,000 children have been used as slaves to grow chocolate in recent years, and those are only the kids between 9 … Continue reading

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