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Joanna Castle Miller, Editor

JoannaJoanna started TheMarginalized.com in 2009 as a way to study how her daily life linked her to people and places in the margins. Since then, she’s learned more than she ever imagined about the food she eats, the clothes she wear, and how to live in a complex and broken world. She still has a lot of questions, and so she’s still writing.

Joanna has previously served as the Membership Director for Stop Modern Slavery and Communications Director for Mia’s Children Foundation, which supports disenfranchised children in post-Communist Bucharest.

When she’s not blogging about human rights, Joanna’s typically writing other things, like plays and essays. Her work has appeared on NBC, VH1, Food Network, and E! Entertainment, as well as in numerous print publications. She is an arts and culture correspondent for We Love DC and a managing editor of online content for law firms.

She blogs on the arts, writing, and her latest projects at joannacastlemiller.com.

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Michael Castle-Miller, Law and Development

Michael avatar photoMichael is a law student at American University’s Washington College of Law, where he’s trained in international human rights law at The Hague and assisted Dean Claudio Grossman – Chair of the UN Committee Against Torture – in editing a forthcoming casebook on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

For the last year, Michael also worked as a research associate for the Public International Law & Policy Group, a pro bono law firm that provides legal assistance to states and governments with the negotiation and implementation of peace agreements, the drafting of post-conflict constitutions, and the creation and operation of war crimes tribunals.

He serves as senior staff on the American University Law Review, where his comment “Checking DHS: Constitutional and Subconstitutional Arguments for Why Noncitizens Facing Removal Can Obtain Judicial Review of their Naturalization Applications” will be published this fall.

Along with his JD, Michael is earning an MA in International Relations with a focus on International Development. Once a Sim City addict, he has learned to channel his energy into property law, urban development, and the way in which cities can increase and promote opportunity.

Michael currently interns for Hon. Royce C. Lamberth, Chief Judge of the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

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