Children Become Artists Become Journalists Become Darfur.

Darfur report from US Congress - public domain

You’re fluent in international development, human rights law, medicine, or the arts? That’s amazing! But when it comes to rallying the rest of us, sometimes we need to be sold on the idea in our own native tongue, with strong communication.

I was just talking with a co-worker about the need for non-profits to translate their work into “normal speak” for us outsiders, and then I came upon this video.

That’s exactly what these drawings from children survivors of the Darfur genocide accomplish. In using art to express their painful memories, these kids also become witnesses and reporters of crimes that desperately need testimony, especially at the time of filming.

The situation in Darfur has changed a lot since this video came out. It’s still decimated by violence, and a refugee crisis still affects the region. But now South Sudan has become its own state, and organizations have had to adapt to the changing environment. If you’d like to help the victims of Darfur, who still suffer, try these organizations:

  • For Darfur – This group works directly with Doctors Without Borders to help alleviate suffering in Sudan.
  • United to End Genocide – With a finger on the pulse of conflicts around the world, this advocacy group promotes campaigns directed at international response to genocide.
  • Help Darfur Now – Started by 3 high school students, this organization gives approx 98% of all donations to groups on the field in Darfur.

Art is a powerful tool. Hopefully more non-profits will discover its value for telling stories and changing the world . . . even if it takes children to convince them.

Has art helped you overcome tragedy, abuse, or just a rough day? Why do you think it helped so much?

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