A New Years Wish for Us

Henry Christmas 2012Happy New Year, dear friends, online and otherwise!

I’m back from a much-needed (and now officially annual) winter break, with much hope for 2013 and all it has in store.

We stayed a good deal of the holidays in Memphis, where we spent Christmas with both sets of parents. Henry enjoyed receiving two gifts, only one of which he destroyed in its first use. This picture is of him with the other toy still wrapped: a giant stuffed bone from Michael’s family.

Michael got to use his acting skills for a work project I had going on right before Christmas. I enclose the next picture just because I like you…

Michael in Character

And then after the holidays we took a brief road trip up through Virginia to see Abingdon and Monticello. More on those stops later!

Until then, here are my New Years wishes for myself and for you:

May we know joy and comfort, even when we’re tried and tested.
May we find the strength and courage to show compassion to everyone, even when they annoy us, put us down, or need us too much.
May we laugh and come up with jokes worth telling.
May we cry in the face of tragedy and not feel embarrassed.
May we become disentangled from the distraction, selfishness, and pride that prevent us from living full lives.
And may 2013 bring us – and all of G-d’s creation – peace.

One Response to “A New Years Wish for Us”
  1. latravelbug says:

    love those wishes.

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