Talking Satire with Song Byeok

I was thrilled this week to get a chance to interview Song Byeok, former State Propaganda Artist for North Korea.

Song lost both parents and a sister to the famine of the 1990s that ravaged his homeland. After trying to escape into China to find food, he was tortured by the same government he used to support. For reasons obvious to most of us, these events disillusioned him to the Kim regime. He defected, and now paints internationally acclaimed satirical work.

So today we’re taking a field trip over to my brief interview with him for We Love DC.


For even more info, you can check out the review I wrote earlier this week on YOU FOR ME FOR YOU—a world premiere play at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in DC, where Song’s work is currently on exhibit. The show depicts two sisters separated by an attempt to escape North Korea.

Lastly, you can read my article on Song Byeok’s show in DC last spring.

Hope you enjoy!

(Photo credit: Hope, by Song Byeok / courtesy of Sandbrush, Inc.)

One Response to “Talking Satire with Song Byeok”
  1. latravelbug says:

    Wish I could see that play!! Very cool interview! I’m sure it was longer and I really liked the questions you chose to highlight.

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