Hidden Gulag – Live Tweeting

Hey everyone! Don’t forget I’m live tweeting today from Hidden Gulag – a conference at the Peterson Institute in DC on the prison camp system in North Korea. It’s hosted by The U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea – a non-governmental research and advocacy group working for the end of oppression in DPRK.

If you’re interested in human rights, political/religious persecution, or the state of affairs in Korea, I hope you’ll follow along.

So far we’ve heard from incredibly well-informed researchers and political representatives who clearly care very deeply about this issue. It’s refreshing to see this much compassion and dedication in such a politically savvy and often cynical city.

Later this morning and in the afternoon we’ll be hearing from survivors – some who spent decades in the gulags facing torture and other human rights violations.

To join in, you can follow me & even chat about this issue on Twitter @jocastlemiller or just regularly refresh the home page on this blog when you want to catch up, as my tweets publish there with a slight delay.

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