Easter and Passover Treats

This year Easter and Passover fall on the same weekend, and families everywhere will be buying their kids chocolate bunnies and making flourless cakes with cocoa powder.

In both cases, I hope you’ll consider using chocolate that you know is slave-free.

For Christians, tomorrow is Good Friday – a somber day commemorating Christ’s death, in which a father allowed his son to die for the redemption of the world. What better way to observe Good Friday than to remember and care for anyone who has lost a child, whether through miscarriage, disease, or crime? Roughly 27 million people worldwide currently live as slaves, and each of them has a mother and father.

If you want to understand the pain of Good Friday, stand with parents in their loss. That means giving up Cadbury Eggs (unless you’re in the UK, Ireland, or Australia) and other products connected to child slavery, and remembering the worth of every child’s life.

And as for Passover… Well, this one’s pretty easy. In commemorating the time when God brought his children out of slavery in Egypt, doesn’t it seem wrong to support a system that actually puts children back into slavery?

To me, it’s a no-brainer, and many Jewish groups take it much further by remembering victims of modern-day slavery at their Seders and in their prayers. Join them and buy chocolate that promotes children’s education, emotional development, and – most importantly – a child’s right to live in safety with his or her family.

(More resources on chocolate and child slavery)

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