Happy 2012!

I’m back from a short blogging break, and hoping you had a merry Christmas, a happy Chanukah and a lovely New Year celebration!

Some highlights from break:

  • Hearing Michael (my husband) and his dad sing Elvis and Johnny Cash at a New Year’s Eve karaoke night in Long Island.

Michael and his dad rocking karaoke night

  • Finding out that the same Michael got a scholarship for law school.
  • Getting the news that, yes, the very same Michael also got into a program at the Hague this summer.

Caroling at the National Gallery of Art

  • Finishing a major project related to my musical-in-process.
  • Seeing Michael’s grandmother and aunt in Queens and then visiting two close friends in CT.
  • Watching “Christmas Vacation” with my family on the back porch in Memphis over cigars and scotch.


  • Celebrating Chanukah, along with receiving some beautiful and precious items from my mother’s side of the family.

My great-grandmother’s amazing opera glasses, which accompanied me to Billy Elliot at the Kennedy Center this weekend and made Tier 2 seats feel like orchestra

(Lowlights include discovering that our dog ate the cover to our rental car’s emergency brake and…well, no that’s pretty much the big lowlight.)

Anyway, thank you for your encouragement and ideas over the last few weeks! I’m looking forward to another year of writing and hope you’ll come along for the ride.

There’s so much work to do, & yet somehow the world is also a wondrous place – may you find both beauty and justice all around you in 2012.


2 Responses to “Happy 2012!”
  1. Bobbi says:

    AWESOME BLOG! You sound so happy and refreshed. Great news about Michael’s scholarship, the Hague and The Miller’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve! Dick Clark, watch out.

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