Happier Holidays Part 2: Happy Thanksgiving!

(This is the second post in a series on enriching your holiday festivities with acts of generosity.)

Before leaving for a Thanksgiving break of sorts, I wanted to wish you all a lovely holiday! May joy and gratitude fill your homes in the next few days and bless your families with a deeper sense of peace leading into the December rush.

Here are a few tips for enjoying Thanksgiving while keeping a broader eye on the community at large:

  • Incorporate into your Thanksgiving prayer the fights going on all over the world for human rights and economic security.
  • Donate to a local food bank. How about a can for each pound of turkey you bought for Thanksgiving?
  • Drop off some leftovers or warm clothes to local protestors. That’s right, those people encamped in your city. Even and especially if you disagree with them: Thanksgiving was once a time when two completely foreign communities broke bread together. Blanket the Earth is organizing donations across the country for Friday.
  • When watching the Macy’s Parade, pick one community whose band was chosen to march. Find out a need for that community and take time over the weekend to donate, pray, or otherwise support them. I love that parade, and plan to do this for the first time this year because I’d like to feel a deeper connection to an otherwise hilariously superficial and commercialized event.
  • Support famine victims still struggling in the Horn of Africa.

Have any other ideas or things you’ve tried in the past? Share them in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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