Good News Friday – The Good News About Disappearance

The good news about disappearance is that there’s something you can do about it.

This week I shared a couple of examples of enforced disappearance in Iraq and Pakistan, but it occurs in far too many countries to discuss in a few short days.

Fortunately, some folks are fighting back:

1. EDIEC (Enforced Disappearances Information Exchange Center)

The EDIEC collects information and resources about disappearances from all over the globe. Their website includes a section for people who want to help, including:

  • how to serve and encourage the victims of this crime,
  • how to voice solidarity through your place of worship or community group, and
  • a protection manual for human rights defenders such as yourself

2. Amnesty International

Enforced disappearances make up an important part of Amnesty International’s work, and is probably one of the reasons they have such a reputation for petition sending…

Yes, even though they have had me in their records as “Emily” for 6 months now, and even though I’ve called them and they said they’d change it and yet I STILL get emails addressed to Emily, even with all of that I’m glad they’re out there raising awareness and begging world leaders to put a stop to secretive, state-sponsored abductions.

(On a separate note, if anyone from Amnesty is reading this, my name is not Emily.)

3. Desaparecidos – Project Disappeared

Los Desaparecidos means “The Disappeared.” The term became widely used in the 197os and 80s during the military dictatorships of Latin and South America. This group focuses on outreach and education. They have a full archive section on the US connection to enforced disappearances. The site is not well organized, so follow the link from here to find the US-specific info.

Thanks for spending the week on this topic with me! My hope is that, by learning from victims of enforced disappearance, we can become people who stand beside the suffering families and encourage them with our passionate interest in their cause. These organizations could help us to start doing that.

Regarding this weekend:

Since our neighborhood already has a freaking “holiday tree” up, it’s apparently the Christmas season now. Regardless, I refuse to let go of summer. I plan to spend this Saturday with my dog at our new dog park!

After that, I’ll be celebrating a successful week for my husband by enjoying some Moroccan food and drink.

I hope you have a lovely weekend too as you usher in Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Christmas and New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. The shopping mall overlords will be enjoying themselves, whether you like it or not.

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Love the picture of Henry. 🙂

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