Good News Friday

Happy Friday, folks!

I have been MIA as I finish two big writing projects before their deadlines. Hopefully I can get them both out in the next day or two. Then I plan to spend a week or so detoxing from my (now severe) addiction to coffee.

Here’s some good news to boost you into the weekend!

Slavery Footprint Survey

It’s not really good news that slaves make the things you use every day, so okay perhaps this link is misleading. But this survey is fun to take, and will help you figure out what products have been most corrupted by trafficking. The lovely design and its ability to be tweaked according to your specific daily lifestyle make it a great intro into human trafficking and consumer issues. Plus there’s an app for iPhone and Android.

Choucha Refugees Present Art Exhibit

This picture from UNHCR shows the first drawing exhibition by refugees at Choucha, the camp I wrote about in my article on warehousing for Reject Apathy. I’ve been thinking about them a good deal now that Qaddafi is out of the picture, because I know they must be anticipating a chance to rebuild their lives, even if not in Libya. In the meantime, at least they can express some of their hopes and frustrations through drawing.


On a related note, there are a lot of programs out there helping refugees explore their community’s artistic traditions as a form of therapy and education. A.R.T. (Art for Refugees in Transition), is one such program doing some really interesting work. I love their mission of cultural preservation, even and especially among refugees who have lived in camps for 10 years or more.

Tomorrow is the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk! Still in its infancy, this event raised over $100,000 last October. This year, Idan Raichel will be performing, and I’ll be covering the event for promo purposes. See my (makeshift) promo footage from last year’s event below, and if you’re in DC, stop by Constitution Gardens for some great music and speakers.

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