Good News Friday

Some quick (and good) news for your Friday, provided by DC Stop Modern Slavery’s weekly “Abolitionist’s Digest“:

  • Police in Peru say they have rescued nearly 300 women from human trafficking in a raid in the country’s Amazon region. Over 400 police took part in the 3-day operation.
  • Indianapolis is considering new legislation to prevent human trafficking around the Super Bowl and plans to train law enforcement to respond correctly to the crime.

And since it’s the 10-year anniversary of invading Afghanistan, I’m also including a flashback to my post on becoming an adult in the last decade of war.

I will be spending this weekend flip-flopping between doing work (need to) and going to festivals (want to). Whatever my decision, I have Yom Kippur plans on Saturday to help me atone if the decision turns out wrong.

Have a great weekend!

Photo of Maras Moray, Peru, by Stella Bogdanic

One Response to “Good News Friday”
  1. Michael says:

    That picture is just wonderful.

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