Good News Friday

Better late than never! Here’s some good news to take into your weekend:

Rise of Activism Against Child Slavery in the Uzbek Cotton Industry:

After a somewhat successful petition on meant to raise awareness for and protest the use of forced child labor in the cotton industry, activists are riding the momentum to demand an end to slave-made cotton. And why not? We abolished slave-made cotton in the US a long freaking time ago, so it’s pretty messed up to get it through slavery again, 150 years later. Let’s take forward steps, not backwards ones. Find out more (and write retailers) via and

Sex Strike for Peace:

These displaced women in the Philippines made their husbands stop brutal separatist fighting by denying them “acceptance” at home. Sure, you could easily criticize this method. But I like how their protest exposes the communal nature of brokenness: when you hurt one part of the society, it affects all parts, including marriages and home life. So stop killing and displacing people, boys, or you’ll face the consequences.

Have a lovely weekend and kickoff to the fall season!


(Photo by Michael Wade)

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