Follow-up to “Stuck Between There and Nowhere”

[This is a follow-up to my article at Reject Apathy about refugees who suffer from being encamped long-term, and possible solutions to the problem. Check it out!]

For those who have read it, here are some additional ways you can get involved with this issue:

Look past the emergency – Often once the media hype dies down after a crisis, the international community moves on. Instead, learn more about refugee camps and support organizations dedicated to bringing hope, love and opportunity to forgotten people.

Support local refugees – Help out at your area’s refugee services group. Many of the men, women and children resettled to your hometown lived in camps for decades before arriving in the US. They need special care as they learn how to make decisions for themselves again.

Give to micro-finance organizations – Small loans can help refugees who are allowed to work. As they become active and successful members of their host country’s economy, they serve as examples to other nations that refugees can thrive without draining the receiving community’s resources or stealing business from locals.

Encourage UN reform through your votes – Largely responsible for refugee care around the world, the UN has enormous power in the camps. Some representatives abuse that power and lose the refugees’ trust. Choucha refugees told Scott Gore that (in their opinion) “80% of the UN is bad.” Gore replied, “That still leaves 20%.” UN refugee camp workers around the world must have compassion for the people they serve and wisdom as they search for practical solutions. As the US partially funds their work, we can also help hold them accountable.

If interested in visiting a camp in the future and helping with refugees or other people at risk, you can contact Scott Gore: scott.gore(at)

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