The West Memphis Three on Freedom and Maintaining Their Innocence

Hear from the West Memphis Three – Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr. – on being free from prison (Echols after a decade in solitary), maintaining one’s innocence, and the difficult decision to plead guilty anyway:

3 Responses to “The West Memphis Three on Freedom and Maintaining Their Innocence”
  1. You might have been old enough in 1993 to remember this case but it was the story of that year. There was another W. Memphis three given short time in the Times article that being the three 8 year old boys who were raped, murdered and mutilated in a satanic ritualistic fashion.

    There is no joy to be had in this case. If these men did not do it then the murderer is still out there. The problem with the case was that public pressure for a suspect influenced police behavior. These three may have done it but because of a rush to judgment there is at least a reasonable doubt. Cases like this should show the police how important it is to know for certain and not just to be convinced of guilt. That is why Constitutional rights to due process are there and why they must be respected even if occasionally the guilty go free.

    At the time, Misskelley was border line retarded but he was questioned for 12 hours without a lawyer until he finally confessed. The result is either 3 men who should still be on death row or have had sentences carried out going free or the murderers still out there probably still killing.

    The police were under tremendous pressure and they delivered these 3 misfits who may or may not have done it. Now we will probably never know.

    • Joanna says:

      Here’s another link to view the video on YouTube:

      I don’t think it’s a happy situation, either. But I do find it interesting. Echols is off of death row after living in solitary for a decade. The press conference shows that the decision was extremely hard, since Jason Baldwin wanted to continue to fight. But he admits that he wasn’t the one sitting on death row, or living in solitary.

      The murderer may still be out there, but three innocent men now have freedom to travel and live their lives. Obviously one joyless part is that I can’t say “innocent” with the support of the court. No one can state their innocence for certain at this point but them, and the towering but now irrelevant evidence.

      • Yes another reason why it’s important to respect the Constitutional process is that in your haste to get the guilty you destroy three more families. It is impossible now to know for sure. The three had a big release party at the Madison Hotel the other night.

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