Good News Friday!

This week, good news comes from people whose names start with J. Thanks for these great recommendations, Jess, James and Justin. People whose names start with J are the very, very best.

They also share in common a multimedia theme, proving that J’s are technologically savvy and forward thinking. I love J’s.

How to Help Africa?

In this video, Nigerian Minister of Finance and former World Bank manager Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala describes some of the good news she sees coming out of Africa and details her opinion for how people can make a real and lasting difference there.

Provisions Library

How am I just learning about this? Provisions Library is a DC-based center and resource for the intersection of art and social change. Need I say more? You can explore their site on your own, and if people in DC want to join me for a scheduled visit, let me know.

The Path to Ending Ethnic Conflicts

Man, this guy Stefan Wolff is kind of a bore, but he does have an interesting perspective on why and how ethnic conflicts have been decreasing in recent years. Grab a cup of strong coffee for the viewing and see if you agree with him.

The Harvest / La Cosecha

A new movie by the same director as nausea-inducing-but-thought-provoking The Dark Side of Chocolate. It looks fascinating, and its arrival is good news.

The tagline: In some countries, children pick crops for 14 hours a day. The United States is one of those countries. The Harvest opens today in New York City and LA.

We are still traversing the United States. I saw my first elk yesterday and then about a billion more. Michael almost ran over a bison with our rental car. Henry barked at an eagle. We camped out in the Rockies to avoid the heat wave, and it worked so well that we practically froze and never fell asleep. I saw a butte and made some obvious jokes. Happy, happy Friday everyone.

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