Good News Friday!

1. Human Trafficking Getting More Attention

A follow up to last week’s news about Tennessee passing anti-trafficking legislation: now they’re also looking into creating new shelters for victims. As state laws change to protect minors in the sex trade as victims, more metro areas are finding a need for housing, counseling and other transitioning assistance.

While we’re on the subject, the National Association of Attorneys General has named human trafficking their 2011-2012 issue.

2. World Refugee Day Celebrated Across the Globe

It was World Refugee Day on Monday, and I celebrated with my mother at Refugee Services, where I won a raffled soapstone sculpture donated by Ten Thousand Villages. It was reminiscent of the last time I went to a special event with Refugee Services. At a winter clothing giveaway for some of the city’s neediest, I ended up with two sweaters that none of the refugees would take.

Yup. My “style” is rejected free clothing, like Maria in The Sound of Music. At the beginning. When she lives in a convent.

On a separate note, if anyone has leftover spring cleaning/trash for me to dig through/wear, just let me know.

Have a lovely weekend!

2 Responses to “Good News Friday!”
  1. Jo, I have run into this organization several times. They are called Doctors at War against Trafficking ( They are based in TN and work on legislative action as well as training for physicians to recognize the signs of trafficked people. Thought you might enjoy reading about their work.

    • Joanna says:

      Thanks, Toph! I read a little about them a few months ago and liked what I saw, especially since they’re so close to my hometown. But I was shocked I’d never heard of them before that. Now with your reference, I’ll have to look more into what they’re up to.

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