Thank Dad for Home

On Mother’s Day I sent out some gift ideas for Mom that would honor her while caring for some of the people who have not had the gift of stable home.

Now it’s Dad’s turn, and in the same spirit, here are some gifts he just might love. Oh, and a few are perfect last-minute options!

1. Fair Trade Coffee

Did you know that cheap coffee (the kind that comes in giant tins) is sometimes harvested by child slaves? In West Africa, many farmers mix coffee and chocolate crops, so the same children working the chocolate farms against their wills also pick coffee. The answer is to get higher quality coffee from farms free of slavery. The coffee will taste smoother and more flavorful, and you will be supporting farmers with good labor practices. Global Exchange sells Fair Trade coffee on their site, but you can find it in many local coffee shops and grocery stores, too.

2. Tools for Refugee Families

Giving a gift through the IRC honors one dad by helping another dad save his children. Depending on your budget, you can buy a refugee family a first aid kit, rope and tarp, carpentry tools, or a family survival kit. Each gift includes an e-card or printed card to let your father know that you’ve dedicated a gift to him.

3. Slave-Free Sports Gear

The sports industry has been plagued with debt bondage and forced labor for decades. While many factories have improved in the last few years, the problem still exists. Fair Trade Sports has some high quality products and donates their after-tax profits to children’s charities. A sports lover myself, I’m not a fan of the balls with painted slogans. I’ve seen some simpler options in person at Fair Trade stores, like Ten Thousand Villages and Global Goods, so perhaps they could put in an order for you.

4. Serve up some slave-free chocolate dessert

If you’re making Dad dinner, add a chocolate dessert, and choose a slave-free chocolate to go in it. For more info on buying slave-free chocolate, view the buyer’s guide PDF on my Resources page.

If you have your own ideas, leave them in the comments!

2 Responses to “Thank Dad for Home”
  1. Darrell says:

    These are all wonderful gift ideas and as a father I would be happy to have any of them, especially if the gift could be accompanied by a few minutes with my daughter.

  2. Love your folks. If I could like your Dad’s comment above, I would!

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