Good News Friday

It’s good news Friday, everyone! Here are some awesome things happening in the world of sojourning peoples.

Homeless Group Rebuilds Joplin
It always amazes me when people who do not have homes help people rebuild the ones they’ve lost. It’s not exactly uncommon – I remember reading about homeless groups volunteering in New Orleans after Katrina. This time a team from Kentucky is heading to Joplin to rebuild after the tornado damage.

Says one volunteer, “I know what it is to be homeless, and a lot of these people have lost their homes. I can kind of identify with them in some situations. I just want to try to help and give back because a lot of people are helping me right now.”

Major Human Trafficking Bill Signed in Virginia
A lot of states are currently rethinking their laws about human trafficking, and in particular the way their legal system treats victims. Often victims look like willing participants, so it takes age minimums and other criteria to protect them from unjust punishment. Virginia’s new trafficking law steepens penalties against traffickers and offers improved services for victims.

Refugee Services Programs Gear Up for World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day is coming up. On June 20th, refugees in your area will be celebrating their stories and cultures while raising awareness for the 15 million refugees worldwide. There’s often free cake involved, and always a chance to learn about the refugees in your hometown. Check with your city’s refugee services to find out how to get involved. And if you want to join me for some of the DC events, let me know.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Michael Miller says:

    I really like Good News Friday

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