Happy Birthday, Amnesty International!

I love social media because it’s not like the 3rd grade. On Twitter, when I ask someone to invite me to their party, they do.

Yesterday it was Amnesty International, which is celebrating their 50th anniversary today and having parties around the world right now to celebrate their work.

I attended the DC party near Farragut Square and brought along my husband. We signed up for membership, which I think might officially make us liberals(?). It also got us free drinks, t-shirts, and the chance to be a more active part of Amnesty’s work.

I’d been wanting to join since starting to read the organization’s annual report on the state of world human rights – a massive publication. It’s been an incredible read so far and clearly took an immense amount of work to produce, so I was hoping to pay them back for their efforts.

They had drink specials, a few speakers, a drum circle, a raffle, petitions to sign, and cake. I’m hoping the cake was made with slave-free chocolate, since it would just be weird if Amnesty International inadvertently supported slavery at their anniversary event.

Bunch ‘a hippies

Amnesty International is a worldwide group working to promote human rights. Originally they advocated for prisoners of conscience. Today, they still focus a lot of their efforts on wrongful imprisonment, but over the years they have added other human rights issues as their resources have grown.

To go to your own Amnesty party or to get involved, find a chapter in your area.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Amnesty International!”
  1. Darrell says:

    Well give my regards to Amnesty International. I would like to comment on your comment that this might make you a liberal. I know it was tongue in cheek but just reading it made me cringe a little bit. It was a similar feeling to when people refer to me as a conservative. There’s some truth in it, but I reject their labels for me and I won’t comply with them. Its my belief that most people across the spectrum of politics want similar things but because of one thing or another they would achieve their goals through different methods.

    I try my best to stick to the rule of law and I don’t usually go wrong there. In America, the Constitution says that it is the supreme law of the land and I take it at its word. Government office holders and their toady bureaucrats should be held to the same law that the rest of us are held to. Most people believe that but very few practice it because they want their liberal or conservative side to prevail and they are willing to pervert law and justice to achieve it.

    By the way, perhaps you could persuade your newly acquired friends to take up the cause of Bradley Manning. He has been held in prison and literally tortured for over a year without even a formal charge. Those who support him appear by magic on no fly lists and are harressed at airports and their tax returns are all defective. This comes from our progressive dictator in chief Mr. hope and change. Well I hope something changes and soon.

    Please take this from me. Don’t let your name be picked up on any government list unless you want your life ruined.


    • Joanna says:

      AI has in fact taken up Manning’s cause. Here’s one example and there’s more on their website. You can just search for his name to see what they’ve written.

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