Good News Friday

There are so many great organizations doing awesome things, but with tragic news everywhere I’m prone to forget the triumphs. In case you’re the same way, here’s some good news for your Friday:

1. Exonerated Man Launches His Music Career

You just might love the sound of this bluesy survivor of wrongful conviction. Bill Dillon was freed in 2008 after serving 27 years for a murder he didn’t commit. With the help of the Innocence Project and DNA testing, Dillon is now not only a free man, but on his way to a career in music. He was recently featured on NBC’s Today. (I’m still searching for more on his music. Hopefully he’ll release his album soon.)

2. Brothel Raid Brings Attention to Human Trafficking and Abolitionist Organizations

It was really awesome to follow New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof this week as he took part in abolition work with the organization International Justice Mission (IJM). Kristof took part in a brothel raid with IJM and local police that led to the rescue of 5 trafficked girls in Kolkata. He kept his followers in the loop on Twitter (@NickKristof) and published info about it in the Times.

These raids happen often, but they take a huge amount of effort, so whenever they’re successful it’s certainly something to celebrate.

3. IJM’s Largest Rescue Ever of Over 500 People

Speaking of things that happen often, here’s something that doesn’t. While somewhat old news, this is a must-read article about IJM’s successful rescue of over 500 people at once. It’s amazing to read about the logistics of caring for so many people and the personal sacrifice and generosity required to get them safely home.

4. Textile Industry Improvements

A friend tipped me off to this story about the Natural Resource Defense Council’s (NRDC) effective work in the textile industry. Even though NRDC typically focuses on environmental issues and not human rights, the work they’ve done in China’s textile mills will no doubt save workers’ lives and prevent damage to the water supply that might have caused future displacement. Thanks, Barb!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Have some good news or know of any? Share it in the comments!

(Photo by Helmut Gevert)

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