Slave-Free Trick-or-Treat Resources

Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes, by Meringue Bake Shop

Are you considering going slave-free this Halloween?

Plenty of local health food stores, and even many regular supermarkets sell small squares of fairly traded chocolate that you can hand out to sweet-toothed kids.

If you do plan to pass out slave-free chocolate this year at Halloween, consider including a note like the family-friendly ones in the new printout on our resource page, or make some of your own. Print on orange paper for a Halloween effect.

If you are traveling around with trick-or-treaters of your own, consider reverse trick-or-treating.

And if you are new to the crime of slave-made chocolate, learn more.

Don’t want to waste slave-made Halloween chocolate you’ve already bought? Donate it to a children’s home, shelter or elder care facility.

Make Halloween safer, not just for your children but for children around the world.

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