Banana-Lover Options

If you’ve been following along this week, you’re probably wondering what, if any, options there are for eating bananas without feeling like a jerk or worse.

Like certain other activities, the only safe option might be abstinence. A potato has the same calories as a banana and is easier to grow. Consider potato pudding, potato shakes, and potato splits. The kids’ll love ’em.

Practically a Bunch of Delicious Bananas

For those of us who don’t really like potatoes, though, rest assured. There are some great examples of ethical banana farming, and more to come as consumers become aware and demand changes.

Note: A lot of people in the local food movement give up bananas entirely, mainly because of the environmental damage done during the shipping process. No solution to that problem yet.

But there are some importers now providing better bananas from farmers who love the land and treat their workers fairly.

  • Whole Foods offers exclusively ethically-traded bananas from two providers in Costa Rica and Colombia.
  • Your area co-op or natural market might also have some bananas to try or suggestions where to look. Find one through
  • Equal Exchange’s offers a locator to find bananas in your area.
  • Outside of the US, Fyffes’ bananas are growing in popularity for the company’s increasing care towards workers and the environment.

None of these options are perfect. Perfect would be raising bananas in your backyard, dumping some ice cream on the plant when it’s ripe and having a neighborhood feast.

But until climate change comes through for us, that dream won’t be realized by most of the readers of this post.

The best we can do is shop with open eyes. And try apples every once in a while.

Have you found any other options for ethically-farmed bananas or have a recommendation in your city? Share here!

2 Responses to “Banana-Lover Options”
  1. elizabeth says:

    Thanks for writing about bananas! I always wondered and figured buying “organic” was enough. I love them but know there is a lot of injustice surrounding them. Now I know more, so thank you!

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