Free(ing) Ways to Help Pakistan

Pakistanis, evacuated from flooding – US Army, public domain

With the flooding in Pakistan leaving over 6 million people in need of immediate assistance, and over 20 million people affected, it can be easy to become despondent and suffer from paralysis. The country is far away, the people speak a different language, it is such a wide-scale disaster, what could possibly be done?

The country is in great need of aid and monetary assistance. But while the average individual might be able to give some money out of pocket, there are other ways to raise funds and/or help the people of Pakistan. Here are just a few:

  • Organize a prayer time at your place of worship for the victims and their families. Choose a time when people are already planning to be there.
  • Host a yard sale and give all or some of the proceeds.
  • Parents, tell and show your children about Pakistan and the floods. Help them plan a fundraiser like a school bake sale.
  • Give up the dinner plans for one night or lunch plans for one day and send the money saved.

Here is a list of organizations collecting funds for relief work in Pakistan.

The options above, and the many others you can think up, will not necessarily save a lot of lives, but they can provide enough food to keep at least one person alive.

But the process of giving can not only help the flood victims in Pakistan: it can help in a small way to free the givers of some of our greed and selfishness by helping us live more simply. And it forces us to look at the needs of the world, and to be humbled by them.

Join in!

Have you tried other ways to raise money for a cause like this, or can you think of some to add? Tell us in the comments.

2 Responses to “Free(ing) Ways to Help Pakistan”
  1. Michael says:

    I’ve appreciated the idea of giving up a meal or something that you would have otherwise spent money on and sending the money. There is no better way to pray than to feel it in your body, even in discomfort. We must move in the direction sharing the burdens of others.

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