Eat Refugee Food

One of the best ways to support the refugees in your community is to eat adventurously. And no, I don’t mean snacking on Cheetos from between the couch cushions.

  1. Find a restaurant serving authentic international cuisine. Ethiopian, Thai, Eastern European, etc.
  2. Eat!

If you want, ask your server about the region the of food they’re cooking. Sometimes they’ll offer up surprising stories!

The point is this: when considering where to eat for a special occasion or date night, keep in mind that chain restaurants often can’t beat a local, authentic restaurant in opportunities for marginalized people.

Refugees in particular tend to work in restaurants that are locally owned and accessible by public transportation, and that serve authentic food (often from their region). These environments give the workplace more of a family feel and can protect refugees from exploitation and confusion over labor issues. Sometimes the restaurants even work with refugee aid organizations to hire cooks who are still learning English.

Just one more reason to go local!

Join in!

Do you know a great restaurant that might fit the description above? Recommend it here!

One Response to “Eat Refugee Food”
  1. Michael says:

    For Memphis: Abyssinia. Its an Ethiopian restaurant at 2600 Poplar Ave. (Near Poplar and Collins St.). Many people who work there are from Ethiopia or around. Its as authentic as it gets and everyone who reviews it says it is amazing. Wins all kinds of awards.

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