Getting to Yemen

The following clip from UNHCR details the perilous journey thousands of Somalis are making every day to get to Yemen and the safety they hope to find there.

This clip was produced in 2007, but since then a new phase of the Somali civil war has started in the country, and so Somali refugees continue to flee to Yemen and beyond. Some make it to the United States and other Western countries, where they shop in some of the same stores as we do and send their children to our schools.

In learning to live with the refugees around us, it is helpful to know what many of them have experienced in trying to find safety. These are just some of the stories coming out of Somalia, a fraction of the experiences of a fraction of our neighbors. But neighbors they are, and it’s good to know how to love them.

3 Responses to “Getting to Yemen”
  1. It is a sad tale indeed! I have heard hundreds of personal narrations of people who have embarked on this perilous journey, often utilising their entire life savings on it. Once the crammed raft delves deeper into the ocean, dozens of people are thrown overboard to lighten the load.

    The rest, upon reaching close to the Yemeni waters, are told to swim miles to the shore; only a handful makes it to the sand. Out of those few, a fraction enters Yemen to live in abject poverty. The rest are either caught by the coastguards and returned to Somalia or they lie withering away along the YEmeni coast.

  2. Darrell says:

    It would be discouraging to say the least for Yeman to be the safe place in your life. Thank God we live in a reasonably safe place. We fight hard to make it closer to what it could be and should be, but we never forget what else it could be as well.

  3. Michael says:

    What a powerful story. I just watched the Book of Eli the other night and was struck by the realization that the world in that movie is not as fictional as we naturally assume. It is very, very much like Somalia right now.

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