Wear Revolting Shoes

Lucy: Ricky, Fred, we are revolting!
Ricky: Not any more than usual.

“Pioneer Women”, I Love Lucy, Season 1

Ladies (and friends of ladies), if you like shoes but hate slavery, it is time to revolt!

ShoeRevolt.com is preparing to launch its online boutique on August 1st. Brain-child of Ateba Crocker, a professor who as a child and young woman survived abuse and the commercial sex trade, ShoeRevolt.com is a way for women to buy shoes that they love while combating the sex trafficking of girls.

Women can donate new and used shoes in excellent condition, and as of August 1, can purchase shoes at the site. Proceeds go to Girls Education and Mentoring Services (GEMS) to support victims of sex trafficking through transitional housing, scholarships, counseling and support.

ShoeRevolt.com has 3 goals. From their website:

1. We are fighting to house her – 75% of those who prostitute do so because they are homeless, and pimps supply emergency housing. Shoe Revolt will work to create and support housing for victims in the U.S.

2. We are fighting to decriminalize her – At Shoe Revolt, we believe society labels her and turns her into the things that were done to her. We will educate society to see her as a victim rather than a criminal. She has the potential to be a successful, happy and fulfilled woman. So, Shoe Revolt will offer educational scholarships to survivors.

3. We are Fighting to heal her – 90% of those in prostitution were sexually assaulted as children. At a tender age, trauma, neglect, violence, poverty, and toxic words were her plight instead of love and support. Shoe Revolt will support and create more rescue shelters that offer a total holistic approach to recovery.

Celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and country singer Emily West have already donated some shoes to the cause, and ShoeRevolt is currently accepting donations from everywhere. Plus they can help you start a shoe drive through your church, school, book club, etc.

There will be an in-person launch party on Sunday, August 1st, at Amy’s Dance Studio in Newport News, VA. The party will include a fashion show and a chance to buy meaningful, gorgeous, revolting shoes on the spot.

If you don’t live near Newport News you can sign up for updates on their website, or visit after August 1st to see what shoes they have to offer. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Join in!

Do you have an object, article of clothing, etc. that is meaningful to you because it was purchased with other people in mind, or given to you as part of a campaign to help another person in some way? Tell us about it.

2 Responses to “Wear Revolting Shoes”
  1. This sounds like a fine effort, and it’s good to know that so many people are concerned about the issue. But in answer to the question about clothing purchased with other people in mind, isn’t that true for most of the clothing we buy. You probably mean to benefit other people in some way and if so, I’ve occasionally bought shirts, etc. to support one cause or another. I would not buy any clothing my wife hates. What would be the point?

    By the way, if Hayley Mills donates any shoes I’d really like to know about it first.

  2. I’m a guy, but I fully support this effort. I’m gonna tell as many of my female friends about it as possible. I live in Newport News as well. This sounds like a brilliant idea to combat trafficking

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