In Action for the Marginalized

First off, a huge thank you to International Justice Mission (IJM) and their 5 Weeks for Freedom (5WFF) campaign for allowing to be a stop on their blog tour last Friday! It is an honor to work with all those crazies as they bike the entire route of the Underground Railroad and advocate for the 27 million people currently enslaved.

If you have been busy and have not read about this campaign yet, be sure to check it out!

Speaking of IJM, I recently finished IJM founder Gary Haugen’s book, Good News About Injustice, and highly recommend it to any of our Christian readers who are interested in human rights.

The back of the 10th anniversary edition includes an appendix for students interested in a career in human rights – including law, law enforcement, and social work. If any of these areas interest you, see what Mr. Haugen has to say about preparing for the job!

I love that the book outlines a staggering amount of practical ways for the average person to get involved in fighting for justice. And along with his resources, I will add one more: the 2010 Global Forum on Human Trafficking.

Held in Yorba Linda, CA, on October 14-15, this massive conference brings together hundreds of abolitionists from all over the world, and will include speakers from Invisible Children, World Vision, Not for Sale, and even Twitter, among other organizations.

Special breakout sessions focus on faith-based groups, public-private partnerships, supply chains, migrant vulnerability, and much more.

And for music-lovers, there will be an abolition concert featuring John Foreman of Switchfoot, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Bradley Corrigan of Dispatch.

See more details, and register at a discounted rate, through Not for Sale.

Join Us! will be at the Global Forum on Human Trafficking, and would love to see you there, too! If you are in the LA/Southern CA region, or if you’re willing to travel for this exciting event, come join us! Let us know you’re coming so we can meet up for some slave-free coffee.


Weird story of the day:

For those of you interested in the ongoing slave-free chocolate movement, you might find this story bizarre. But more importantly, reading it might encourage you that, yes, you are making a wise choice by buying more directly from the farmers and refusing to eat slave-made chocolate!

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