The World Cup and Marginalized Dreamers

It’s Movie Day at The Marginalized!

Below I’ve attached an episode of Current TV’s Vanguard series. In this documentary, Mariana van Zeller explores a growing trend in Ghana: the exploitation and trafficking of many young African men who dream of finding fame by playing football in Europe.

The episode is 45 minutes, so I know not everyone will have time to watch the whole thing. But for those of you interested in soccer or human trafficking, this is a very helpful resource, and provides a lot more context to what is going on with the sport in Africa beyond the hype that we’re seeing around the 2010 World Cup.

If you are receiving this post over e-mail, you will probably have to visit to view the film. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.

Have a happy viewing!

Join in!

If you do get a chance to watch the film, or if you’ve already seen it, share your thoughts in the comments.

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