On the Planet of Water

We live on the planet of water. We watch it at sea and in clouds. We drink it, pure. Or in coffee. Or tea. Or Gatorade.

We use it in our paints. We wash in it. We slide down chutes into pools of it. We freeze it for summer and boil it for winter. We pour it on unborn plants. We travel on it.

We cry it.

We ride it on boards and on skis. We compete in it. We drink it from bottles and cups and glasses and fountains. We make beer with it. And rice. And bread. We irrigate our golf courses with it. We open parks for it. We torture with it.

We baptize in it.

When Jesus was here, he was dunked into water, and asked for a cup in Samaria and on the cross. His body, like ours, was 65% water. His brain, 80%.

We need it, so we build wells for it. We boil the bad stuff out. We pack it into canteens for long trips. We dam it. We flavor it.

We hate it, so we wear boots to keep it out. We carry umbrellas. We invent raincoats. We build roofs for our houses and cars.

But the origin of the word “water” comes from the root word for “wet.” And water always seems to find a way to break through our fortifications. We clean out our flooded basements, we flee hurricanes and tsunamis. We insure ourselves against it. We rebuild what it destroys.

But we thank God, nonetheless. Because water is how we live and how we dye.

Join In!

What is one of your favorite uses of water?
Besides using it as a substance of life, how has water blessed you or made your life more enjoyable?
How has water made it worse? (For me, one word: waterbeds.)

5 Responses to “On the Planet of Water”
  1. Michael Miller says:

    I love this post.
    The early Jews had a festival of water – celebrating it and paying homage to the spiritual symbolism of water. Jesus stood up in the middle of it in John 6 and told everyone that if anyone came to him “streams of living water would flow out of them”

    Isaiah 35 and 55: 1-3 and 32:1-2 are some of my most cherished passages with the symbolism of water.

  2. Bobbi says:

    My favorite use of water is to swim in it!
    Next is to look at it, listen to it and to drink it.

    (Although hopefully I’m not drinking what I’m swimming in, looking at or listening to!)

  3. Thomason says:

    The ocean is the best thing ever. I like to sit and watch and listen to it. I like how it’s simultaneously powerful and soothing.

  4. Evan says:

    MMMM, yeah, echoing what the others said, but I’ll include THUNDERSTORMS. The way the water pelts the ground with such force coinciding with clashing thunder…makes for an awesome experience.

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