Summer Opportunities that Could Change Your Life

Whether you’re a beach bum, a hard worker, an activist or a pacifist, here are two ways your summer could become an even more meaningful one.

Go to Haiti!
Hope for the Children of Haiti

Hope for the Children of Haiti (HFC) is looking for short-term teams to come to Haiti this summer and help them rebuild. They are a Christian organization running an orphanage and school in Bolosse, an impoverished neighborhood of Port-au-Prince

Teams can be as large as 50 people, but 10-20 is ideal. Each team can stay 5-20 days and would be rebuilding homes for HFC staff and Bolosse neighbors whose homes were destroyed in the earthquake. Select individuals with professional engineering experience or medical professionals could stay longer if they wish.

HFC will ask teams raising support to include a specific dollar amount per person that must be raised in order to pay for the costs of a home. According to one board member, “we are currently deciding on a rebuild home plan that will fit within our vision for social justice, microenterprise, transformative community development, green energy, restoration of the land, maxmization of local natural resources, and family stabilization. Not all these goals can be accomplished in a single project, but they are guiding everything we are attempting to do.”

HFC will try to involve their children in the work projects, but they will also need encouragement. They survived the quake, but have had to watch many of the children from the group move to the United States in the last few months, while they have been left behind. So teams will get to work with and encourage the children as well.

Teams can have housing and transportation provided while in Haiti, along with two meals a day. For more information, check out HFC’s website and contact Tara Kasey to get started.

Help North Koreans Find Freedom!
LiNK: Liberty in North Korea

Surfer dudes! Artists! Travelers! LiNK is looking for YOU. This summer, you can intern in sunny California for an organization advocating for the people of North Korea. OR you can travel the country with them as what they call a Nomad, helping other people to understand the crisis in North Korea better.

They are looking for graphic designers, filmmakers, administrative support, translators, and more!

The dates for internships and nomadships are May 24-August 20, but the end date is flexible. Applications are due April 16.

Join In!

Do you know of any other great summer opps? Tell us here!

What is the best way you’ve ever used your summer?

One Response to “Summer Opportunities that Could Change Your Life”
  1. Darrell says:

    Thanks for posting this information about private, i.e. non force related, ways to help the people of Haiti and North Korea. It is interesting to compare the results in the local populations in the aftermath of the Haiti and Chile earthquakes and then compare the per capita incomes of the two countries. Oh well, I digress again.

    Can I think of any other great summer opps. Yes there are many of those around. Some are even paid, on a competitive basis. Probably bankruptcy law firms like this one would take on unpaid interns to help people get out of debt while there is still time. Save yourselves, get free, but there I go again. By the way have you seen how the Feds are going after firms for taking unpaid interns? They are treating it as a wage and hour violation. Oh well, no wonder this country owes $14 trillion.

    What is the best way I’ve used my summer? Why, doing what I do to help the American economy and keep people employed and feed my family, working of course. Even while in school I had to work to pay for it. One summer I went to Romania for 10 days or so and that was a blessing. I enjoy work and so it is not the burden it is often poetrayed to be. Without it I would have to get a real job.

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