Spotlight on: Mia’s Children

Mia’s Children is an organization reaching out to marginalized youth in Bucharest, Romania.

Since 1998, they have provided food, education, counseling, spiritual guidance and much more to over 75 children who have come through their doors, from infants to high school age.The children learn art, music, sports, and language to ensure that they are able to become fully active members of Romanian society.

When Ceausescu’s communist regime fell in Romania in 1989, it left behind an atrocity: orphanages filled with children whose bodies were mutilated by never having been touched; infants piled in stacks in sick rooms and left to die; impoverished families encouraged by Ceausescu to have as many children as possible, who later had to give some or all of those children to the state because of malnutrition, or pain at seeing their children work the streets as beggars, drug dealers and prostitutes, even before the age of 10.

The Romanian poor often give in to various addictions and abuses in order to exert some form of control over this kind of chaos, which only makes matters worse for their children.

And so the two decades post-Ceausescu has led to many children fending for themselves, even if they have families, and trying to avoid the dangerous situations at home if they have one.

The focus of Mia’s Children is not adoption but rather transformation and permeation. The organization wants its young people to thrive in and change Romania from the inside out. If the children have families, Mia’s Children tries to work with them to provide each child with proper educational opportunities and medical attention, and to end any abuses occurring against them. If they do not have families, Mia and Costel Scarlat, co-founders of the organization and the Romanian directors, bring them into their family in order to provide for them.

I serve as a board member and as the Director of Communications for Mia’s Children USA. We recently launched a new website/blog, meant to be much more interactive and informative about all of the work that goes on in Bucharest through this program, including ever-changing accomplishments and good news, as well as updates about the group’s struggles.

If you would like to find out more about the work this organization does, please visit the website.


Don’t forget to vote for LiNK today, in order to provide a safe house for North Korean refugees in the U.S., and please encourage your friends to do the same. (If you are on a college campus, consider using a laptop to help your friends vote on the spot!)

You can see a portion of yesterday’s press conference in Gibraltar here. The Village of Hope has the first six minutes of the news segment on 16/3/10.

2 Responses to “Spotlight on: Mia’s Children”
  1. Joan says:

    Thanks for the plug! I voted for LINK again!

  2. Mia's Children Association says:

    We vote , too !Thank you for taking care by the children of the world !

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