Village of Hope Campaign Back Underway

The situation in Morocco regarding Village of Hope and other expulsions of Christian workers has now been picked up by Reuters and the AP, and has elicited a statement from the U.S. Ambassador to Morocco.

On Monday, March 15, the families will be holding an international press conference in Gibraltar. Please visit their website in the next day or so for updates regarding that event.

Along with this escalation in press coverage, the campaign to contact senators, congressmen, the media, and everyone you know is underway again at full volume!

Here’s what you can do:

Contact your senators and congressman, and contact the White House, urging them to petition the Moroccan Ministry of Justice to reunite these families with their children. You may use this link for easy access to the politician’s sites and a template to make writing them easier.

Again, if you have not, join the Save Village of Hope Facebook fan page. You can also follow the latest updates on Twitter.

I am reloading a PDF of media contacts to write. Please make these organizations or individuals aware of the situation. You may forward them any of the information from this site if it will be helpful.

Lastly, tell everyone else you know. It is highly possible that in the next few days these families might have their children back. If that excites you, please do everything listed above and ask your friends and families to do the same.

One Response to “Village of Hope Campaign Back Underway”
  1. Michael Schneblin says:

    Thanks for the global approach to linking in the essential places to get plugged in and up to speed. One of the primary ways of helping is to pray for the king. He is going to need the wisdom that God gave Solomon when judiciously seeking the true parent of a disputed child. Here is the prayer site. I hope they will rearrange another day of prayer and fasting. I believe the 50 + 1 rocked the heavens!

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