Save Village of Hope Campaign Underway

Here is a brief update on Save Village of Hope:

  • Many other Christian workers, from active clergy in expatriate communities to aid workers who served the handicapped, have been expelled in the last few days. Rather than being given warning, they have a few hours to pack their belongings and go.
  • Simo, a Village of Hope child afflicted with cerebral palsy, was taken to the hospital after 15 hours of crying and not being cared for properly. The parents were forced to leave him behind, along with children suffering from HIV and acute asthma. The issue has become even more critical because of these health needs.

    Children after being told by the authorities that their parents are leaving; Courtesy of VoH

  • Government officials in The Netherlands met with the Moroccan Embassy yesterday and began to put pressure on them, stating that these were not short-term workers, but in fact dedicated people who had worked legally in the country since 2002 and had complied with all laws. The meeting made national news in Holland.

Children after being told their parents are leaving; Courtesy of VoH

What you can do:

Continue to get the word out to your friends, families, non-profit contacts and congregations or clubs; but if you have any contacts in politics or the media, please let VoH know by working through their representatives, as requested in the families’ official statement.

Also, if you have not done so, become a fan of the Facebook page and keep updated there, as the situation continues to change rapidly.

If you would like to receive e-mail updates on what you can do to be involved, please e-mail me at and I will be happy to forward your address to the correct party.

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